Name Unknown
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Powers and abilites Brave, adventurous
Occupation tailor
First appearance The Brave Little Tailor
Played by Benedict Weber

Tailor is a main character in first episode of season one The Brave Little Tailor.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has brown hair, also brown french mustache and beard. He has brown eyes and wears light brown hat, light brown vest, yellow tunic, orange belt and pants and brown boots.


He is brave and isn't afraid to do anything that king says. He loves princess Elisabeth and wants to marry her, what he succeed at the end. Also at the start, he had a big wish to change his life and his motive was - he killed 7 flies with one swat!


The Brave Little TailorEdit


Tailor sings to Yoyo and Doc Croc

Season OneEdit

He wants to change his life so, he goes to see the world with Yoyo and Doc Croc and solve a lot of tasks with them. At the end he marries the princess after he finishes the tasks that king and Cobinian ordered.