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Name Squat
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilities Able to inhale water more than normally
Occupation Servant
First appearance The Six Servants
Played by Unknown
And when I take really deep breath, I get to be up to three hundred times as big as I am now
Squat to Prince of Lower Shavaria and entourage.

Squat is one of the main characters of season one, episode six The Six Servants. He is one of the powerful servants.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is overweight middle-aged man. He is almost fully bold, expect that little brown hair that he has next to his ears. He has really big arms and belly, but small legs and head. He is dressed into green dungarees and brown short boots.

Personality Edit

He is very smiley person and kind one. He loves to help and in The Six Servants we see him helping the prince alongside other five servants and entourage.

History Edit

The Six Servants Edit

Season one Edit

This hero helps the prince to solve tasks that the queen gave to him in order to marry the beautiful princess. He inhaled the whole water in red sea in task two so, the prince could find the earring and in task one he helped the prince to eat every oxen and drink all the wine.

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