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Rapunzel is the eight episode of season one of German animated TV show SimsalaGrimm. It is based on German fairytale collected by Brothers Grimm.


Doc and Yoyo help Prince Egmond, who is completely enamored in fair Rapunzela whose never cut her hair so long it grows all the way down her lonely prison tower room. They climb up and discover she's an orphan, kept by witch cott who train her for sorcery. Now they start devising a way to get her down the high tower, but cotte gets wind of the instrusion and uses black magic. 

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Prince Egmond



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  • Croatian: Matovilka
  • French: Raiponce
  • Bulgarian: Рапунцел
  • Polish: Roszpunka
  • Dutch: Raponsje
  • Italian: Raperonzolo
  • Hungarian: Az aranyhajú lány

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