Magical book
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Powers and abilites To take Yoyo and Doc Croc to Simsala
First appearance The Brave Little Tailor
Played by Bert Frenkze
Long ago, when miracles still happened there was a magic spell which opened the gateway to the enchanted land of Simsala. The place where all fairy tale characters lived...
Magical book in the opening scene

Magical book, Simsala Grimm or Storybook is the book that takes Yoyo and Doc Croc to wonderful places in Simsala, the place where they help and inspire people.

Physical Appearance

It's a book that shows up at every start and end of episode, it is also storyteller of series. It has brown covers and a portrait of one of Brothers Grimm. It also has golden corners at the end of cover and red and dark gold circles as well.


It is a book that has all fairytales in it. It's mostly based on fairytales by Brothers Grimm, but also by Hans Christian Andersen and other authors. It opens at every start and with magic golden dust turns Doc Croc and Yoyo into real beings. Then, it leaves them in some fairytale to help the heroes and heroines to beat their enemies. It also shows at the end when it need to take them back when they finish their task.


  • The book's name is actually Simsala Grimm, because at the every end when Yoyo and Doc Croc call it, they say: "Simsala, Simsala, Simsala Grimm!"
  • On the covers it has portrait of one of the Grimm brothers, probably Jacob because he wore glasses.
  • The book is also storyteller.
  • It mostly leaves them at some bad place, like floor, roof or river.

Voice Actor

Bert Franzke gave a voice to Magical book in German.

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Show Appearances

Season one (13/13)

Season two (13/13)

Season three (26/26)

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