Name Gretel
Species Human
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue grey
Gender Female
Powers and abilities None
Occupation None
First appearance Hansel and Gretel
Played by Unknown

Gretel is a main character of season one, episode three, Hansel and Gretel.

Physical Appearance Edit

She is a young girl with blonde long hair tied in two pigtails. She is dressed in beige long skirt, white shirt and orange corset. She also wears brown shoes. She has grey blue eyes.


Gretel with Hansel.

Personality Edit

She is nice and kind person and she wants to have better life in her family. She is lost in the woods with her brother and she is trying to find a way home, but when they get to candy house everything becomes harder because she has to save her brother and her from the blind witch.


Gretel being terrified of the blind witch.

History Edit

Hansel and Gretel Edit

Season one Edit

Gretel is trying to save her and her brother from the woods and later from the blind witch who is trying to eat them for dinner.

Voice Actresses Edit

German version is unknown.

Other languages Edit

Polish: Krystyna Kozanecka

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Season one (1/13) Edit

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Notes/trivia Edit

  • Gretel is a kind person, but also very intelligent and manipulative because on the way she fooled The Blind Witch.

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