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Name Freezer
Species Human
Hair color Bold
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilities Able to go through fire
Occupation Servant
First appearance The Six Servants
Played by Unknown
I thought you'd never ask.
On saving the Princess from fire

Freezer is one of the main characters of season one, episode six The Six Servants.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is an older man who is bold, but has grizzle long beard. He wears many layers of clothes like double shirts, vest, scarf and has one pair of pants and brown boots. He is overweight and small.

Personality Edit

He is very kind person. He always feels cold, even in the heat. He is able to go through the fire without any problem.

Voice Actors Edit

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History Edit

The Six Servants Edit

Season one Edit

Freezer was helping the prince on task to get princess' hand.

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