Big Bad Wolf
Hair color Grey
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilites Being able to eat animals
First appearance The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Played by Manfred Erdmann
Oh my dearest wife, between my bravery and your brilliance... We are unbeatable!
Big Bad Wolf to Ms. Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is the villain of season one, episode four, The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids and guest star of SimsalaGrimm series.

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He has grey hair and a big black nose. He also has dirty yellow teeth with bad breath as Yoyo said. He has enormous mouth and wears blue pants.

Personality Edit

As a villain he wanted to eat the goats because he was hungry. His son was trying to convince him to stop eating animals and become a vegetarian, but he refused. He tried to eat goats while their mother was away, but goats knew it was him because of his grey feet. Then with his wife cleverness he painted his feet white and puts cloak in the throat for a higher voice. At the end he succeeded, but Doc Croc cut his belly and saved goats before they died.


Big bad wolf getting prepared by his wife to catch the goats.

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The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids Edit

Season one Edit

He tried to eat the little goats for lunch and after two failures, he succeeded but the kids were saved after Doc Croc cutted his belly.


Drowning after goats filled him with the rocks.

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