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Bear (Doc Croc personality)
Name Doc Croc
Species Bear
Hair color Red-pink
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Powers and abilities Strenght
Occupation None
First appearance Hansel and Gretel
Played by Jörg Stuttmann

Bear is the personality that the blind witch turned Doc Croc into by her magic.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is bear with Doc Croc's looks. Red-pink stripes, hat and glasses. Except this bear has black muzzle and is much much bigger. He also has huge hands.

Personality Edit

He is the same as Doc Croc except he pretends to be a servant to The Blind Witch so she could let him off the chains.

History Edit

Hansel and Gretel Edit

Season one Edit

Doc Croc is turned into a bear when the blind witch saw him trying to wake up Hansel and Gretel for escape so, he became her servant. After the witch is destroyed in the oven, Doc Croc is returned into his normal form.

Show Appearances Edit

Season one (1/13) Edit

Notes/trivia Edit

  • Doc Croc as a Bear is less agile, but he has more physical strength.

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